Service & Benefits

Through our extensive partner network, we provide you with superior community services including:

  • Immigrants, Refugees and U.S.-born
  • Citizenship Education and Outreach Programs
  • ESL English for Adults
  • Connect with Community Resources
  • Social Services Assistance
  • Job Counselors
  • Translation
  • Transportation Program
  • Help African Communities with Clean Water in Africa.
  • Help Provide Needy Children
  • Reduce Prostitution in Africa
  • Reduce Children Prostitution in Africa
  • Help Reduce HIV-AID in Africa
  • Help When there is Conflict and in Africa

Services Offered

When you contact  Africans Communities United. We offer experience and versatility:

  • Connect with Community Resources
  • Quick, thorough, knowledgeable responses to calls and questions
  • Resourceful and well-rounded member in the community

Key Clients

Our reliability and award-winning customer service  is available to the community list including:

  • Immigrants
  • Refugees
  • ESL English for Adults
  • Those in need of assistance with social  Services