Our Mission

A.C.U Africans Communities United mission is to integrate and improve significantly the life of new immigrants and refugees , promotes social change in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Who We Are:

As the legitimate representative voice of the diverse African immigrant and refugee community, the Africans Communities United Organization works to:

Africans Communities United builds power by developing local families, youth and empowering communities to identify and address issues that help all of us. We believe that community members hold the solutions to the challenges they face. Through a community organizing approach, Africans Communities United develops community residents as leaders, convenes broad-based coalitions, and unites people across age, race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities and religion to advance structural change that concretely improves peoples’ lives.

Africans Communities United strives to be a “learning organization,” continually developing our analysis of economic, racial, gender, and disability justice as critical eyes through which we approach our work.

Africans Communities United addresses three major issue areas through its organizing:

1) Addressing the issue of violence and gang involvement through a positive youth investment framework that promotes investment in youth employment opportunities and youth programming for teenagers;

2) Promoting immigrant rights with a focus on increasing access to higher education for undocumented students;

3) Increasing access to preventative and emergency healthcare for the uninsured.

For more information about Communities United, please contact our office at (605) 335-0023.